Create a unique user experience

Imagine connecting with your visitors by automatically providing them with more information about what they are viewing, sending a message inviting them to a lecture that will commence in 10 minutes as they pass by the auditorium, or showing visitors their exact location inside your museum.

With the LabWerk Museum platform, mApp, and new location-based content delivery technology, your museum can really connect with the smartphone generation.

mApp has been developed specifically for museums to:

  • improve visitor engagement
  • create personalized experiences
  • take your content delivery to the next level.

Using small transmitting beacons, visitor’s smartphones, and mApp, you can create a truly unique experience. Bringing together the online and offline worlds,  your visitors will be able to access engaging content in a range of formats like video, audio and images, participate in interactive activities and have access to an accurate indoor navigation solution. Everything is automated and based on a visitor’s location, meaning no more scanning codes or entering exhibit numbers.

And the best part? You are in control. Where the messages are triggered, who receives them, what they say and where the notification leads them is all up to you – and can be changed at any time.

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