Our challenge

Fluwel’s Tulpenland had a clear set of requirements set out in their initial brief. We immediately saw a range of opportunities to apply iBeacon technology.

Our challenge was to develop an app which:

  • increased visitor’s engagement with the story of the tulip
  • provides an interactive, hands on experience and includes a gamified educational component
  • appeals to all visitor types (ranging from the less-engaged youth market to visitors looking for very detailed information experience)
  • can be easily updated and managed
  • is multilingual

The solution

Tulpenland’s new visitor app will bring the online and offline worlds together like never before, completely revolutionizing the experience the park offers to their visitors.

Through the use of iBeacon and iOS app technologies, visitors to Tulpenland will be able to experience the story of the tulip in a whole new way with the ability to access interactive content in a diverse range of formats and added functionality like quizzes, location pin-pointing, and rewards.

Contact us

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