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Imagine connecting with your visitors by automatically providing them with more information about what they are viewing, sending a message inviting them to a lecture that will commence in 10 minutes as they pass by the auditorium, or showing visitors their exact location inside your museum.

How is this possible?

Utilizing beacon technology, a new tool for location-aware communication and engagement, you are able to trigger notifications on visitor’s smartphones based on their location within your museum. When a visitor walks within a beacon’s range a notification from mApp is triggered on their device delivering them directly to your content. It’s that simple.

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The App

The LabWerk Museum app offers visitors a range of features, including:

  • location-aware content delivery
  • indoor navigation
  • gamification and engagement
  • Passbook integration for coupons and rewards
  • multilingual content
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • branded to suit your museum.

The Platform

The visitor app is powered by an easy to use back-end platform which allows you to:

  • manage content and languages
  • access analytics on content and usage
  • configure beacons
  • brand and style app.

Benefits of beacons

Beacons are a cost effective solution which offer a range of benefits, including:

  • access to more content in various formats
  • personalised visitor experience
  • versatile and configurable for a range of uses
  • analytics on visitor traffic
  • accurate location awareness.

Tulpenland case study

Our challenge: Fluwel’s Tulpenland had a clear set of requirements set out in their initial brief. We immediately saw a range of opportunities to apply iBeacon technology.


About LabWerk

LabWerk is an Amsterdam based start-up that strives to bring together the online and offline worlds, creating an integrated user experience that is unlike any other. We specialize in the development of innovative mobile solutions that harness the benefits of beacon technology.

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